A school formal is one of the most memorable nights anyone can experience. The build-up is immense. There’s talk of dresses, hairstyles, bow ties and partners for months during the lead-up to the big night. And also months after. Hiring a stretch Hummer to whisk you away to one of the greatest night of your lives is not only a cost-effective way to share the journey with your closest friends, it’s also the icing on the cake to the perfect night.

At Canberra Hummer, we know how important it is to celebrate being young, which is why our elegant Hummer limousine is the perfect fit for transportation to any school formal within Canberra and the surrounding regions.

Whether it is a year 10 formal, year 12 formal, end of school party or a debutante ball, our Hummer is perfect for transporting groups. It can be difficult arriving at a formal event separated from your friends who are living a different experience in a different car, with seating for up to 16 people our stretch Hummer is the perfect choice to arrive at your formal in style.

Our luxury Hummer limousine comes complete with an experienced and charming chauffeur who, of course, will be more than happy to snap some memorable shots of you and your friends next to your luxurious ride at a location of your choice. The Hummer features a surround sound system, illuminated nightclub floors and ceilings, LCD screens and complete bars. We haven’t forgotten a single detail, and want you to feel like the party has started the second the Hummer rolls up.

Your stretch Hummer limousine will be stocked with complimentary soft drinks, juice and water all on ice. We also supply an iPad with the latest party tunes but, if you want a certain atmosphere, we encourage you to bring along your own device to plug in.

The details

We offer a one and a half hour formal package, with seating for up to 16 people at the low price of just $990, or just over $60 per person (if there are 16 people).

Contact us today to configure the perfect itinerary for your formal, and make it feel like one of the biggest VIP events of the century! Your parents will not have to worry about your safety when you are in the hands of Canberra Hummer.